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Chapter 10: A Safe Haven

Apologies for the delay--things have been really busy with school over the last couple of weeks, and while I was planning on posting something over the weekend, I didn't, because this chapter's spork ended up being a lot longer than I initially anticipated.  We're getting into some actual mythology here, folks, and a lot of it is just wrong.


Last time, the book took a turn into casual racism through stereotyping Asian characters and championing the white savior complex in American media.  This time, it's less offensive, but it's still stupid.  Ren shows up as a human again and he is still a massive creep.

Let's get going!

Chapter Ten: A Safe Haven

Kelsey and Ren left Phet's hut at the end of the last chapter, and headed back out into the jungle.  I'm just happy we don't have to deal with Phet anymore, guys.  It was rough there for a while.

The two heading into the jungle gives Houck an excuse to show off that she at least did some cursory res…

Chapter 9: A Friend

My brief unannounced hiatus is over now that I've taken my first official law school exam, of which I live in mortal fear of receiving the grade I receive because my professor is a notoriously harsh grader, so what better way to distract myself from the potential of abject failure than sporking a book that I don't even like reading?

I need to find something good to read for a change.

Anyway, last time we met Ren the human, who was actually Ren the tiger the whole time, as he tried to explain the whole were-tiger thing and his reasons for dragging Kelsey to the other side of the world and getting her lost in a jungle for several days.  The reason for this ended up being so that Ren could selfishly reveal himself to her in his own way and, I swear to God, because her hair smells nice and he wanted to spend more time with her.  As a tiger.  While she didn't know that he is actually an adult human man creeping on her.

Why are we supposed to like Ren again?

Oh, yeah.  He's …

Chapter 8: An Explanation

Last time, we finally met Ren.  Ren the human, I mean.  We've known Ren the tiger ever since chapter three.

I miss Ren the tiger.

Chapter Eight: An Explanation

The man approached me carefully with his hands splayed out in front of him and repeated, "Kelsey, it's me, Ren."

The drama!!!!!

Kelsey is scared and confused as he walks towards her with his hands out.  I am also pretty terrified.  Not only does she have literally no reason to connect "tiger" and "hot human dude" other than "the tiger acted weird sometimes," there's a strange guy walking towards you while reaching for you!  Yikes!!!

He came closer, put his hand on his muscled chest, and spoke slowly. "Kelsey, don't run.  I'm Ren. The tiger."

He's hot, geddit?  Like, so hot.

He shows her the collar and rope that she used to tie the tiger to the tree from the last chapter, and she notices that the tiger is missing.  Kelsey is having some trouble understanding …