Chapter 23: The Ice Dragon

Hello, and welcome back to our irregularly scheduled nonsense!
It's been a while (sorry about that) because 1) I've been working from home this summer and that's been sucking out a lot of my energy and 2) I started writing a review of the truly God-awful Artemis Fowl movie, so look forward to that coming out at some point!
Last time, Kelsey & Co. tricked the golden dragon to take them to the white dragon. The white dragon is the last of the five, so after he's gone, no more dragons. Ouch.
This time, Kelsey has another repetitive conversation with Ren about her relationship.
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Ice Dragon
We pick back up with Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan riding on Jinselong's back underwater. It takes them into water so deep it blocks out all the light, and Kelsey sees a bunch of fish glowing in the dark. She also sees an octopus that has glowing red lights on its mantle. I'm not aware of any deep-sea octopus that has a glowing mantle, but I suppose it's pos…