Chapter 28 & Epilogue: Worst Birthday Ever & Unloved

Hello, and welcome back to our irregularly scheduled nonsense!

Last time, we got to read a summary of stuff we've already read, and learned why Ren's been acting so strangely--he has amnesia!

You know, only the worst dramatic trope I can think of!  This is just a personal pet peeve of mine, but I absolutely cannot stand it when a character gets amnesia.  It just feels like the author couldn't think of what to do with the character next, so instead of developing their character or making them do anything interesting, we end up just wasting a whole bunch of time trying to get their memories back instead of doing anything actually productive.  It's one of the reasons I couldn't really get into Heroes of Olympus--the main character had amnesia.

Part of my feelings towards the whole amnesia trope is a me thing, but part of it is completely justified, I think.  Like I said above, it wastes time retreading things the audience already knows, and you all have already seen h…

Chapters 26 & 27: Baiga & War Stories

Hello, and welcome back to our irregularly scheduled nonsense!

Last time, Kelsey & Co. saved Ren!  It was badly written and the tone was all over the place, but they did it!  We've passed the climax of the novel, and including this one, we have three chapters and an epilogue left before we get to the end of Tiger's Quest!  I can hardly wait for Tiger's Voyage!

Ren also punched Kelsey in the face and knocked her out, so that's Kelsey's one hundredth-ish concussion for this series.

Also, fun bonus for you!  Chapter Twenty-Six is really short and boring, so I'm giving you a twofer!  This also means that we get to finish this book up even sooner!

Chapter Twenty-Six: Baiga

The chapter opens with Kelsey coming to after getting knocked the fuck out by Ren.  Kishan is carrying her through the jungle, no longer disguised as Some Other Person, and Kelsey asks where they're going.  Kishan says that they're following the Baiga into the jungle to get away from th…

Chapter 25: Saving Ren

Hello, and welcome back to our irregularly scheduled nonsense!

Last time, Kishan cemented himself as a terrible person, but more importantly, Kelsey & Co. have made some important steps in narrowing down where Ren is being held captive so they can (finally) go rescue him!

Stuff actually happens in this chapter since this is the climax!  After this, the story just kind of peters out over three chapters, but we're in the home stretch now!

Lokesh is in this chapter, and even though he's cartoonishly evil to the point of absurdity, he's still kind of a fun character.  I don't know how it's possible to chew the scenery in a novel, but Lokesh somehow manages it.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Saving Ren


Mr. Kadam says that they've found the missing Baiga tribe that they already suspected of working for Lokesh.  Mr. Kadam has some satellite footage that shows some technology nearby, which is unusual for the Baiga people.  This technology is some cars and a large stru…