Chapter 11: Return to India

Welcome back to our irregularly scheduled nonsense!  Last time, we got to experience the entire first act of a narrative happen in about ten pages, and witnessed several extremely graphic tiger maulings. And I think Kelsey murdered someone!

I was talking with a friend recently about how this just feels so out of place in this story (you can check out his excellent spork of the Iron Druid Chronicles here).  So I want to explore that a bit before moving on to Chapter 11.

From what I can tell, Tiger's Curse and its sequels were intended to be a bit more of an action-oriented paranormal romance.  There are clear influences from Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider,what with all the temple scenes and basically everything that happens in Hampi from the first book.  That's honestly one of the reasons why I picked this series up in the first place!  I like books that mix together action and romance (which means I am frequently disappointed, because YA books with both action and romance tend …

Chapter 10: Hired Guns

Welcome back to our irregularly scheduled nonsense!  Sorry for taking so long in between posts, I've had a lot of Big Life Events in the way for the last month (i.e., interviews for a job next summer--the good news is I think I succeeded in finding something that will fit me really well!).  So, uh, to celebrate, I guess I'm getting back into this!

Last time, Kelsey and Ren went on a date, which Kishan crashed.  That's pretty much it.

I know there was a lot of filler at the beginning of Tiger's Curse, but this book is just ridiculous.  At about this point in the first book, Kelsey had already been introduced, spent some interminable chapters at the circus, travelled to India, found out that Ren was a dude, gotten Phet's weird blessing, and then chilled at Ren's mansion for an entire chapter.

What's happened so far here?  Kelsey started going to class at WOU, but we haven't heard much about what she's been learning.  Uh, she dated three guys at once, …