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Chapter 10: A Safe Haven (Part 2)

This one will be a bit shorter than other posts because I cut the chapter in half.  Partly because I had already written a lot on the first part of the chapter and I wanted to actually post something, and partly because it was a natural stopping point that was not taken advantage of.  The second part of the chapter could very easily have been its own chapter, and this book has enough pacing issues already.

Also, expect updates to be rather infrequent(er) until mid-December because I have finals coming up. Law school finals are awful.

So, anyway, let's move on to the second half.

Chapter Ten: A Safe Haven (Part Deux)

Kelsey wakes up the next morning to investigate the clothes that Ren bought for her (not that he would have had the time to do this).  It's mostly modern American clothes, and there's no mention of the fact that they don't fit her well, so someone must have eyeballed her to figure out her clothing size. Weird.

There's a pretty blue "Indian style dre…